Legacy Society

Wills & Bequests: Enroll in our Legacy Society

The Legacy Society of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish acknowleges our parishioners and donors who desire to leave a legacy by making a provision in their Will for St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. A parish can never be dependent upon the Sunday offerings received on a weekly basis.  Parishes are dependent upon Stewardship as a means to build up the Kingdom of God.  Parishioners leave a lasting legacy, and help St. Andrew the Apostle Parish continue its spiritual and corporal works of mercy, when they make a provision in their Will for our Pastoral work. 


To become a member of the Legacy Society simply complete the form on the sidebar to indicate that you have made a provision for the Parish in your will. All those (living and deceased) enrolled in our Legacy Society will be remembered at every First Friday Devotion.  To enroll in our Legacy Society, see the brochure attached, and then click here.


Some see the preparation or updating of a will as something that may be desirable, but not essential.  For most this is not the case.  The lack of a will and other up-to-date estate plans can often cause heartache and confusion when an individual of even modes means passes away. 


To learn more about Wills and Bequests, click here.