Stock Gifts

Planned Giving is Smart Giving!

Planned Giving is known as Smart Giving because it provides a mechanism necessary to benefit both  the Donor and St. Andrew the Apostle Church when making a gift.  Utilizing gifting mechanisms such as Charitible Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, or transferring Appreciated Securities provides tremendous benefits for the Parish, and great Tax benefits for the donors. 

If you would rather see St. Andrew benefit from your gift, instead of Uncle Sam....please see the button located on the right entitled Stock Gifts. Read the example of Tom and Jerry to understand the great tax benefits of using Appreciated Securities when making a gift. For methods of transferring Stock to St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, click here.

For additional information on Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Charitable Lead Trusts, please click on the appropriate button in the side bar.

To discuss any of these options in detail, please complete the brief form which will be directed to Msgr. Marucci who can help you to determine which vehicle best suits your needs.  Msgr. Marucci is certified in Planned Giving through the National Planned Giving Institute.  As always, we advise our donors to talk with the Tax Advisor, Account, or Estate planner as well.

Download the Planned Giving Brochure by clicking here.