Pope Francis Mission

Msgr. Marucci invites you to...

Join the Pope Francis Mission 




Choose from one of the following:

  • Distribute Food for the Poor
  • Provide Clothing for the Poor
  • Visit the ElderlyVisit Prisoners in Jail
  • Serve Meals to the Poor
  • Prepare Casseroles for the Shelter
  • Helping Hands:  Provide
     to Doctor Appts, etc.
  • Donate your Skill/Talent/Service to 
    voluntarily help the poor (eg.Doctor,
    ‚ÄčDentist, Handyman, Mechanic,

    Beautician, Attorney, etc.






To Join the Pope Francis Mission

Call Msgr. Louis Marucci @ 856-784-3878 ext. 27

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